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Bizim Mutfak Tomato Soup 65gr

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Bizim Mutfak Tomato Soup 65 Gr. It is practical and delicious. It is prepared with tomatoes that are carefully selected and picked in the season and enriched with spices.

This delicious soup, prepared without the use of any preservatives, is prepared by drying carefully selected fresh vegetables and spices, using natural and traditional methods, like all other Bizim Mutfak soups. It does not contain trans fat, artificial flavoring and coloring. A package of Bizim Mutfak Tomato Soup is for 4 people. It is prepared by boiling one liter of water. It is recommended to be stored in a cool, dry and odorless place. While serving your tomato soup, you can add grated cheddar on it. This will both flavor your soup and provide you with a stylish look.

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